DV and Homelessness

August 17, 2015

DV and Homeless -- What are the options?

A recent Yahoo News Article highlihgted one of the many obstacles facing women escaping DV.


High housing costs coupled with no jobs, often little to no child support, and little if any affordable housing, women are faced with a choice of being homeless with their children (and subsequently losing custody to the home dwelling abuser or CPS) or returning home to abuse (and still risking losing the child to CPS for a failure to protect).

This problem is not limited to places like New York or our own Silicon Valley -- though the effects are certainly felt on a grander scale where the disparity is so glaringly obvious.

The article mentions the work of Linda Olsen in Kings County, Washington State. Her work is precisely why she is the keynote speaker at this year's annual Santa Clara County Domestic Violence Conference on October 23, 2015.

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